Spider-Man 3 Star Jacob Batalon Reveals Weight Loss Ahead of Filming


Spider-Man 3 star Jacob Batalon is showing off his dramatic weight loss ahead of the production start. Batalon previously appeared in Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far From Home as Peter Parker’s best friend Ned Leeds. In addition to the standalone movies, the young actor had small roles in Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame too. Batalon often brings comedic relief to the scenes he’s in, even when things are getting out of control.

Jacob Batalon shared a new image of himself on his Instagram Stories that showed off his new physique. He captioned the photo by stating, “Ned just wanted to stop in and say hi.” The actor usually sports a shaved head in his normal life, but Batalon can be seen with Ned’s trademark floppy hair in the new image he just shared. It’s unclear what started the actor off on his weight loss journey, but he seems to be pretty proud of it at the moment, as are Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

While Jacob Batalon hasn’t officially confirmed the news, it is believed he lost 102 pounds to prepare for Spider-Man 3. A fan account for the upcoming sequel announced the weight loss news and then teased that the actor is going to have an even bigger part in the movie. As to what that will be, that is unclear at the moment, though there is some speculation going around. Most of the storyline for Spider-Man 3 is being kept under wraps at the moment. Peter Parker star Tom Holland recently revealed that he has read the script, but it seems like his spoiling days are well behind him now.

Jacob Batalon has been vocal about his excitement over Jamie Foxx joining the cast of Spider-Man 3 as Electro. He has also been pretty vocal about his desire to play Hobgoblin in the MCU. As to whether or not his weight loss has anything to do with that is currently unclear, though there is plenty of unconfirmed speculation floating around at the moment. Regardless, it seems that Sony and Marvel Studios are getting ready to cram a lot of characters into Spider-Man 3, which will also see the return of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange.

While it’s unclear if the MCU will introduce Hobgoblin on the big screen, it is abundantly clear that Jacob Batalon is proud of his weight loss for Spider-Man 3. At this point in time, the production is getting ready to start, so we should get some set photos leaking in the next few weeks. Spider-Man: Far From Home was shot around Europe, so there were a lot of leaked set photos going around, so it will be interesting to see if any of them come out of Atlanta this time around. The original picture of Ned Leeds came from Jacob Batalon’s Instagram account, but the story has since expired. You can check out a screenshot above.

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