Marvel’s 616 Trailer Takes a Deep Dive Into the Creative World of Comics on Disney+


We have a brand new trailer for Marvel’s 616. This new docuseries is coming to Disney+ later this year and will offer a deep dive into the Marvel universe. But not just what is hidden within the pages of the comics. Instead, this show will aim to show us how Marvel has made an impact in the real world over the years by exploring all sorts of stories involving the company’s characters and fans.

The trailer kicks off by presenting us with a bit of philosophy from the late Stan Lee, which sets the stage for what the show is trying to accomplish. We are offered brief glimpses at the eight different stories that will be told, through the eyes of eight different filmmakers, across the show’s first season. Cosplay. Art. History. Live theater. A lot of ground is covered.

Marvel’s 616 sets out to explore Marvel’s legacy of pioneering characters, creators, and storytelling. Each documentary, which is helmed by a unique filmmaker, showcases the intersections of storytelling, pop culture and fandom within the Marvel universe. Episodes in this anthology series will cover a wide range of topics including Marvel’s artists, the women of Marvel Comics, the forgotten characters of Marvel and more.

David Gelb directed the first episode, titled The Japanese Spider-Man, which takes a look at the 1978 Japanese adaptation of Marvel’s beloved webslinger, which has rarely been seen by American viewers. Gillian Jacobs directed the second episode of the series. It offers some perspective of what it means to be a woman in what’s perceived to be a male-driven industry. Title Higher, Further, Faster, the episode will shine a light on the trailblazing women of Marvel Comics and explores how they found ways to tell stories of representation and inclusion. Amazing Artisans is the third episode, which is directed by Clay Jeter and shines a light on two Marvel artists, Javier Garron and Natacha Bustos, who live in Barcelona.

Paul Scheer directs the fourth episode titled Lost and Found, which explores obscure and forgotten characters of the Marvel universe. Suit Up! is the fifth episode which focuses on cosplay culture. It was directed by Andrew Rossi. Sarah Ramos is at the helm for Unboxed, the sixth episode, which takes a look at the relationship between toys and comics. Bryan Oakes directed The Marvel Method, episode seven, which explores what went into creating the new Iron Man 2020 comic. Lastly, Alison Brie directs the last episode of the season, Marvel Spotlight. It looks at a group of students at a Florida high school who are putting performances of new Marvel Spotlight plays.

Disney+ will also be getting a host of live-action MCU shows starting with WandaVision later this year. This scripted series, which also includes The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki, She-Hulk and more, will be heavily tied to the movies, unlike Daredevil. Marvel’s 616 is set to premiere November 20 on Disney+. Be sure to check out the new trailer for yourself from the Marvel Entertainment YouTube channel.

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