Mando Mondays Kick Off Today with All-New The Mandalorian Merch & Adidas Sneakers


Lucasfilm and Disney have officially kicked off Mando Mondays in honor of The Mandalorian season 2, which premieres October 30th. One of the highlights is the new partnership with Adidas, which you can check out below. Pedro Pascal can be seen opening some of the new merchandise in a video, while asking if he gets to keep it. In addition to Pascal, Moff Gideon star Giancarlo Esposito and Greef Karga star Carl Weathers join in on the fun. Mando Mondays is an all-new global consumer products, games, and publishing program that will debut new goods inspired by the Disney+ program every Monday from now until December 21st.

Adidas is celebrating Mando Mondays with The Mandalorian Collection, which merges the iconic Adidas Originals silhouettes with design elements inspired by the Star Wars series including the Mudhorn signet, the Armorer, the Child, and the Darksaber. The shoes will all go on sale November 4th at 12AM PST. They will be available exclusively in Adidas stores and through their website. For those who might forget, the official Adidas website is offering a reminder function, which might be a wise decision.

In the video unveiling some of the Mando Mondays merch, Pedro Pascal introduced the animatronic Child toy, which moves and makes sounds from The Mandalorian. Pascal is pretty amazed by the toy and even gets interrupted by it a few times. From there, he pulls out a Funko Pop! figure of Mando launching into the air with the Child in his arms. While these products all look great, Pascal was most interested in The Mandalorian skateboard from Element Skateboards. The board can be purchased now for just under $100 from various online action sport retailers.

ColourPop makeup has partnered with The Mandalorian for Mando Mondays with a brand-new palette dedicated to Baby Yoda. Corelle has made some special stickers for kitchen items, which are safe for the dishwasher. Poster books, children’s books, action figures, a Dark Saber, which Giancarlo Esposito unveils, and a ton of other products are currently on sale, or will be in the coming weeks, just in time for season 2 and the holidays. Speaking of the holidays, Hallmark has teamed up with some special Christmas tree ornaments, including the Child in his pod.

According to the website, the most of the Mando Mondays merch is either already up, or will go up for pre-sale today at 1pm PST. The Adidas shoes do not appear to be limited edition, but they will more than likely sell out of popular sizes, so it would be wise to prepare for those, if you really want them. You can check out the unveiling video above, thanks to the official Star Wars YouTube channel. Pedro Pascal kicks off the video, while Giancarlo Esposito and Carl Weathers show up at various times throughout.

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