‘How To Train Your Dragon 3’ rules international, ‘Green Book’ crosses $100m (update)


MARCH 4 UPDATE: DreamWorks Animation’s How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World delivered another robust weekend via Universal Pictures International to rule the roost as $54.9m from 58 territories in play boosted the running total to $280.9m from 61 overall.

China was instrumental in driving the big films at the weekend. The Hidden World opened there on $32.8m, while Alita: Battle Angel soared past $100m in its second weekend, and best picture Oscar winner Green Book delivered a $17.1m debut in the market.

Fox’s Alita: Battle Angel brought in $40.2m to rank as the second mightiest Hollywood release of the session, while Green Book crossed $100m in the weekend after its Academy Awards triumph.


UPDATED: How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden Worlds worldwide tally has reached $378.6m, powered by that $32.8m number two debut in China in what was the second biggest Universal animation opening there behind Despicable Me 3, and the second biggest DreamWorks Animation debut in the market behind Kung Fu Panda 3. It is the ninth biggest animated opening of all time and the fourth biggest for a studio animation.

The second weekend in Russia produced $5.2m in a strong number one hold that boosted the tally to $17.9m. France generated $2.5m in a number two hold for $20.3m after four, Germany $1.783m for number two and $16.2m after four, and Spain $1.781m for number one and $5.2m after two. A $1.3m weekend in the UK at number four elevated the tally to $22.1m after five, while Mexico has produced $19.9m after five.

Horror release Happy Death Day 2U grossed $6.2m from 56 for $29.2m from 58 territories in total. Historical drama Mary Queen Of Scots stands at $25.8m, and $42.2m worldwide. Neil Jordan’s psychological thriller Greta starring Isabelle Huppert and Chloe Grace Moretz launched in its first two markets, grossing $400,000 in Australia, and $32,000 in New Zealand.


UPDATED: Fox’s Alita: Battle Angel crossed $100m in its second session in China and $350m worldwide thanks, as is so often the case, to a dynamic international run that continued to shape a respectable global performance in light of disappointing North American numbers. A $40.2m international weekend from 86 territories boosted the international running total to $278.1m. The worldwide gross is $350.5m.

The cyborg action adventure from Robert Rodriguez delivered $23.7m in its second session in China for $115.6m after two weekends. France delivered the second biggest number, generating $2.6m for $14.6m after three. Alita added $1.2m in Germany for $6.9m after three, Japan $1.1m for $6.2m after two, Australia $1.1m for $6.8m after three, and Mexico $819,000 for $7.8m after three. Russia and the UK have produced $11.7m and $11.3m after three and four weekends, respectively.

Quadruple Oscar winner Bohemian Rhapsody starring best lead actor winner Rami Malek grossed $4.2m from 50 markets to stand at $655.1m. The Favourite, starring best actress Oscar winner Olivia Colman, added $2.8m from 50 for $55.3m. The Restoration Comedy farce gained 60% in the UK, where it ranks 12th and added $351,000 for $20.6m after nine weekends. Total Dhamaal from Fox Star added $3.3m in India for $13.7m, and stands at $14.3m including the UK.


UPDATED (Lionsgate results only): Best picture Oscar winner Green Book grossed a combined $33.9m from 63 Lionsgate and Amblin Partners markets to drive the running total to $114.3m. The road movie starring Viggo Mortensen and Oscar winner Mahershala Ali brought in $9.5m through 51 Lionsgate markets for $54.1m, with Japan notable for its $2.6m debut on 180 screens. Box office in France climbed 45% for $10.2m after six weeks, and gained 65% in Italy for $8.4m after five.

In a strong weekend for Lionsgate, the wrestling drama Fighting With My Family directed by Stephen Merchant and starring Florence Pugh, Nick Frost, Jack Lowden, Lena Headey and Dwayne Johnson opened top in the UK on $2.6m.

Source: Universal

‘Green Book’

Green Book generated $22.4m through Amblin Partners territories for $58m, powered by a $17.1m number three debut in China. The film is released via eOne in the UK, where it has generated $9.7m after five weekends, and through Amblin Partners in Germany where it has grossed $7.8m, also after five. Green Book stands at $188m worldwide including $75.9m from North America. eOne also distributes in Australia and New Zealand, and Spain.


Sci-fi smash The Wandering Earth added $14.9m for $668.1m, rising to $673.1m worldwide.


UPDATED: Escape Room delivered $7.1m in 47 markets to reach $70.5m. The horror opened in France on $1.9m including previews, and in Germany on $1.3m including previews. A Dog’s Way Home added $2.9m in 34 for $25.3m, fired up by a $1m number two debut in Australia including previews, and a $647,000 number one launch in Brazil.


UPDATED: The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part crossed the $150m global threshold as $6.6m from 74 international markets raised the running total to $61.7m, and $153.4m worldwide. The holdover highlight came courtesy of lead market the UK, where $1.8m secured second place and $20.5m after four sessions.

France in the second weekend produced $786,000 for $2.2m. Russia has produced $3.3m, Germany $3.3m, Poland $3.2m, and Mexico $3.1m. The final markets to open are Australia on March 21 and China on March 22.

Clint Eastwood’s The Mule grossed $2.1m in 33 for $47.9m, and $151.5m worldwide. It opened in Russia on $658,000 for the second best debut for a film directed by Eastwood behind Sully. France has produced $14.4m, Italy $6.9m, Australia $6.3m, the UK $2.6m, and Mexico $2.6m. The Mule crosses into Spain and Japan this week, and the final market South Korea on March 14.


Ralph Breaks The Internet pulled in $3.6m for $319.8m internationally, and stands at $520m worldwide. Glass stands at $134.3m through Buena Vista International and $243.8m worldwide, including the $109.5m North American haul via Universal. Mary Poppins Returns has reached $175.4m internationally, and $346.6m worldwide.


Rose Byrne and Mark Wahlberg comedy Instant Family grossed $2.8m in 25 markets for $47.2m. France led the new markets on $518,000. What Men Want added $1.1m in 11 markets for $6.3m. Australia has produced $3.5m after three weekends, and South Africa $836,000 after two. The comedy remake arrives in the UK on March 15.


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