Horizon Line Trailer: Allison Williams Must Fly or Die in Cessna Plane Thriller


STX Films has revealed the trailer for Horizon Lines. This is the latest from filmmaker Mikael Marcimain (Gentlemen, Call Girl) and, so boasts the studio, comes from the same creators behind 10 Cloverfield Lane and The Shallows. Described as “a thrilling survival story about two former lovers,” it stars Allison Williams (Get Out, The Perfection) and Alexander Dreymon (The Last Kingdom, American Horror Story) who find themselves stuck on a flight from hell.

The trailer opens with our lead actors, a happy couple, partying on the beach and being madly in love with one another. They then board a tiny single-engine Cessna plane, soaring over the ocean. Allison Williams‘ Sara has had some experience flying and the pilot lets her take control. Unfortunately, the pilot ends up having a heart attack, leaving Sara in control. This is something she is not remotely prepared for. They are lost with no autopilot as things go from bad to worse. It is very minimalistic, in terms of cast anyway, as the two leads are carrying the bulk of the movie on their shoulders.

Keith David, of The Thing and They Live fame, among many other things, also stars in the minimalist thriller as the pilot. Josh Campbell and Matthew Stuecken penned the screenplay. The duo penned 10 Cloverfield Lane, which was released as a secret sequel to Cloverfield back in 2016 and went on to become a huge hit. Fredrik Wikstrom Nicastro (Borg vs. McEnroe) is producing, with Jaume Collet-Sera The Shallows, Non-Stop), Juan Sola (The Commuter) and Peter Garde (A Royal Affair, Antichrist are on board as executive producers. Mikael Marcimain is a Swedish director who has done a lot of TV, including miniseries such as Liberty and How Soon is Now? This marks his first English-language movie.

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