‘Frozen 2’ storms to $358.2m in global box office debut, sets international record for animation launch (update)


NOVEMBER 25 UPDATE: The writing was on the wall that this was going to be a momentous opening weekend when Disney began announcing opening days records on Thursday and so it proved to be as Frozen 2 raced to $358.2m worldwide from its first five days, and established the highest international launch for an animation on $222.8m.

Fox’s Ford v Ferrari crossed $100m worldwide, and The Addams Family breached the $175m global box office threshold.


UPDATED: Frozen 2, the latest tentpole in what continues to be an extraordinary year for Disney – Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise Of Skywalker launches worldwide next month – earned $222.8m from 37 international markets in the highest international debut of all time for an animation, destroying the previous mark $152m set By Ice Age: Dawn Of The Dinosaurs.

China led the way on $53m, followed by South Korea on $31.5m, Japan on $18.2m, the UK on $17.8m, Germany on $14.9m, France on $13.4m, Mexico on $9.3m, Indonesia on $6.2m, Philippines on $6.1m, and Spain on $5.8m. 

The animated family sequel opened number one in all its 37 material markets and set numerous records, including the third highest industry opening ever in South Korea; the highest opening weekend ever for an animated title in France and the UK (over three days); the third highest opening weekend ever for an animated title in China, Thailand, and Vietnam, and the highest opening weekend ever for a Disney Animation/Pixar title in Japan, China, Spain, Germany, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam and Slovakia.

There were also all-time animation launch records for a three-day weekend in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Iceland, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, U.A.E., Ukraine, Indonesia, and Malaysia. Frozen II arrives this week in Italy, Russia and Australia as well as Greece, New Zealand, Trinidad, Chile and Venezuela.

Frozen 2 also set the highest Imax opening for an animated film, earning $18m globally and $9.7m internationally for an Imax record for an animation film’s international release. It took $4.3m in China in the biggest opening by a Hollywood animated film, and delivered Imax records for the highest animated debut in Germany, Switzerland, Egypt, South Korea, Taiwan and Cambodia.  

Idina Menzel, Kristen Bell, Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff and reprise there roles and Evan Rachel Wood joins the voice cast in the tale of the headstrong princess. 2013’s Frozen finished on $873.5m international box office and ranks as the highest grossing animation of all time worldwide on $1.274bn.

Fox’s Ford v Ferrari added $14.7m for a $45.8m running total and crossed $100m worldwide thanks to a $30.7m haul that boosted the tally to $103.8m. Lead markets are Russia on $6.8m, the UK on $5.3m, France on $4.7m, Australia on $3.7m, and Mexico on $3.1m. Maleficent: Mistress Of Evil grossed $5.1m for $363.4m internationally, and stands at $472.3m worldwide.


UPDATED: Joker grossed $8.2m from 77 markets as the R-rated smash reached $710m internationally and $1.037bn worldwide. The UK remains the top market and generated $656,000 in the eighth weekend for $71.3m.

France has produced $45.7m after seven sessions, Japan $44.5m after eight, Mexico $43.6m, and Germany $39.2m after seven.

Horror release Doctor Sleep generated $2.5m from 76 for an early $33.5m international running total and $62.3m worldwide. It opened in Germany on $485,000. Russia is the lead market thus far on $4.2m after three sessions, followed by the UK on $4.19m, and Mexico on $3.4m after three. The film debuts in Japan this week.

The Good Liar with Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen earned $1m from 20 and stands at $5.7m internationally and $17.5m worldwide. The thriller has grossed $4.2m in the UK after three weekends and arrives in Germany this week.


UPDATED: Rom-com Last Christmas crossed $50m worldwide after a $10.3m session boosted the tally to $52.4m, and $7.2m saw international climb to $24.5m. Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding coaxed a further $2.9m out of UK audiences as the tally reached $8.7m after two weekends. Germany produced $1m for $3m after two sessions, while Australia generated $832,000 for $4.4m after three, and Netherlands $401,000 for $1.7m after three.

The Addams Family has reached $176.4m worldwide after a $4m session, of which $3.7m came from international markets and boosted the tally to $81m. Abominable from DreamWorks Animation and Pearl Studios stands at $99.2m following a $1.5m session and has reached $174.3m worldwide.

Action release Harriet starring Cynthia Erivo as an escaped slave who returns to help others escape to the free states opened in the UK, its first international market, and earned $152,000.


UPDATED: Charlie’s Angels earned $4.7m from 30 markets as the international tally reached a paltry $29.8m. The action thriller starring Kristen Stewart, Ella Balinksa and Naomi Scott lands in the UK this week. Zombieland: Double added $2.2m from 48 for $43.5m.


Comedy remake The Upside starring Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston grossed $3m as the comedy reached $17.6m from 61 markets. Crime drama 21 Bridges starting Chadwick Boseman earned $2.7m from its first 20 markets. Horror Countdown added $2.2m for $10m from 39 markets, and drama Hustlers with Constance Wu and Jennifer Lopez added $1.1m to reach $45.6m from 53.

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