‘Captain Marvel’ soars to $761m worldwide in 12 days (update)


MARCH 18 UPDATE: Captain Marvel brought in a further $189.4m worldwide to reach $760.8m after 12 days as it dominated regions, vaulted the final lifetime grosses of multiple superhero releases, and held on to number one in most international markets where $121.5m propelled the running total to $495.9m.


UPDATED: Japan was the final market to receive Captain Marvel and it debuted at number one on a confirmed $5.5m for the highest first stand-alone character Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) opening weekend.

Excluding China, Asia-Pacific as a region dropped by approximately 53%, and overall has contributed roughly $294m to the global running total. China added $23.8m for $131.6m after ten days to rank as the fourth highest MCU release of all-time there, behind Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Age Of Ultron, and Captain America: Civil War.

In Indonesia, Captain Marvel grossed $2.8m for $16.5m to rank as the second highest grossing MCU release of all time, behind Avengers: Infinity War, as well as the fourth highest grossing industry release of all time. Europe dropped by 47% and the regional gross stands at approximately $125m as the film held on to top spot everywhere except Lebanon and the Baltics. Latin America fell 48% and the hit ranks number one everywhere.

Behind China on the Captain Marvel individual territory scoreboard are South Korea on $8.1m for $36.3m, the UK on $8.7m for $31m, Brazil on $7.4m for $24.4m, Mexico on $6.4m for $22.9m, Australia on $5.2m for $18.5m, and Indonesia. Russia delivered $3.6m for $16.1m, France $4.7m for $14.8m, Germany $4.8m for $14.2m, India $2.4m for $12m, Taiwan $2.2m for $9.9m, Thailand $1.1m for $9.5m, Philippines $2.6m for $9.4m, Italy $2.4m for $8.9m, Spain $2.5m for $8.5m, and Malaysia $1.9m for $8.4m.

After two sessions the Marvel Studios tentpole already owns the number 22 slot on the global superhero pantheon, and the worldwide haul has overtaken the lifetime totals of Ant-Man And The Wasp ($623m), Iron Man 2 ($624m), Thor: The Dark World ($645m), Justice League ($658m), Man of Steel ($668m), Doctor Strange ($678m), The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ($709m), Captain America: Winter Soldier ($714m), Suicide Squad ($747Mm), X-Men: Days Of Future Past ($748m), and The Amazing Spider-Man ($758m).

Internationally, Captain Marvel ranks 17th on the all-time roster has surpassed the lifetime grosses of Ant-Man And The Wasp ($406m), Wonder Woman ($409m), Spider-Man 2 ($410m), Spider-Man ($418m), Deadpool ($420m), Suicide Squad ($422m), Justice League ($429m), Thor: The Dark World ($438m), Guardians Of The Galaxy ($440m), Doctor Strange ($445m), Captain America: Winter Soldier ($454m), Deadpool 2 ($460m), The Dark Knight ($470m) and Guardians Of The Galaxy: Vol 2 ($474m).

Captain Marvel’s global IMAX earnings of $12.5m boosted the tally to $56m. It took $7.4m internationally in the second biggest Marvel second weekend behind Avengers: Infinity War and the running total has reached $33.5m. Japan launch figures of $800,000 produced IMAX’s biggest March debut.


Gavin Lin’s Taiwanese romantic drama More Than Blue added $41.3m internationally to depose Captain Marvel at the top of the Chinese box office, and stands at $57.8m overall.


UPDATED: Green Book has reached $193.4m through all distributors following another healthy session as 67 markets generated $17.9m.

The best picture Oscar winner added $12.7m through the Amblin Partners network to reach $114.8m from 12 markets. China was top of the pile, producing $9.4m for $61m to cross the 400m RMB mark and rank third for the weekend.

Elsewhere the road movie starring Oscar winner Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortensen held film at number two in Germany on $1.2m for $11.8m after seven sessions, and added $456,000 in the seventh weekend in the UK, where it stands at $11.9m after a 30% drop. Australia has delivered $9.2m.

Lionsgate International accounted for $5.4m of the weekend and the international tally has reached $78.1m from approximately 55 markets. Green Book stands at $10.1m in Japan from three sessions, and $3.4m in Denmark after four to rank as the top film of the year-to-date.


UPDATED: DreamWorks Animation How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World added $9.4m from 63 territories in play as the DreamWorks Animation hit climbed to $330.9m from 66 overall. China was the top holdover market, delivering $2.8m for $52.3m in the third session, followed by Russia on $1.3m for $24.9m after four.

The UK has produced $24.1m after seven, France $22.9m after six, Germany $19.4m after six, and Spain $7.8m after four. The worldwide haul stands at $466.5m.

Horror Happy Death Day 2U stands at $35.7m, and $63.2m worldwide. Historical drama Mary Queen Of Scots has reached $27.3m, and $43.8m worldwide.


UPDATED: Escape Room added $8.5m from 38 markets to reach $86.2m. The horror debuted in second place in South Korea on $3.1m, and opened in Spain in second place on $989,558. Family release A Dog’s Way Home grossed $1.7m from 29 for $31.2m.


Family animation Wonder Park arrived day-and-date with North America in its first 19 international markets and made off with $4.3m led by Brazil with a $1.7m number two debut, and $704,000 in Middle East. The film opened in second place in Indonesia on $276,000, took $266,000 in Turkey, $181,000 in a number three debut in Vietnam, $173,000 for third place in Chile, $155,000 in second place in South Africa, and $155,000 in the Czech Republic.

Comedy remake What Men Want grossed $2.9m in 16 markets for $10.7m, and debuted in the UK on $1.1m, and in Netherlands on $494,000. Comedy Instant Family added $916,000 in 21 for $51.2m.


UPDATED: Alita: Battle Angel is showing signs of battle fatigue after a solid international campaign, and added $4.3m from 80 markets for a $312.7m haul. China was the weekend highlight on $1.7m for $129.8m. Bohemian Rhapsody grossed $1.9m from 42 for $664.4m and stands at $111.8m in Japan after 19 weekends. Fox’s fifth best international release of all time opens in China this week. The Favourite stands at $59.8m, and The Kid Who Would Be King $11.8m following a $657,723 debut in Russia.


UPDATED: The Mule pulled in an estimated $3.5m in 33 markets as Clint Eastwood raised his running total to $58.9m, and $162.7m worldwide. Spain led the way on $1m for $2.9m for second place after two sessions, while Japan generated $992,000 for $4.1m after two. The drug courier drama opened in South Korea in third place on $483,000, and in Poland in fifth on $261,000 for the second highest debut for a film directed by Eastwood behind American Sniper. France remains the top market on $14.7m, then Italy on $7.3m, Australia on $6.6m, Japan, then Spain, then the UK on $2.6m.

The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part added $2.2m from 65 for $70.4m, and $171.7m worldwide. A further $890,000 in the sixth weekend in the UK after a mere 16% drop boosted the tally to $22.7m. It is the top market, followed by Germany on $4.1m, Poland and Mexico on $3.4m apiece, and Russia and France each on $3.3m. This week brings debuts in the final key markets of Australia and China. A Star Is Born stands at $218.1m internationally and $433.2m worldwide, and Aquaman $812m internationally and $1.15bn worldwide.

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